A Guide to Drug & Alcohol Rehab: Montgomery, AL

The capital city of Alabama and the second largest city in the state, Montgomery is a bustling southern urban mecca. The Jackson Hospital Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA): Fiscal Year 2022 reports that the poverty level in Montgomery County of 19.4 percent is lower than the state average of 23.9 percent, but the 25 percent of residents with a high school diploma in Montgomery County is lower than that of the entire state, which is 30.8%.  These plus other social indicators can often influence mental health status and rates of drug and alcohol misuse.


Montgomery, Alabama Drug Abuse Statistics & Factors
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Montgomery, Alabama Drug Abuse Statistics & Factors

High stress, low education, and poor mental health often increase the chances of people engaging in high-risk behaviors, such as drug and alcohol misuse, which can then lead to violence and crime. For example, approximately 1,144 inmates were serving time at Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) facilities in 2022 because of possession of controlled substances. There were also 2,186 drug arrests throughout the state in 2019, with 94.33% of those arrests being due to possession of drugs as opposed to sale of drugs. The majority of these drug arrests involved opioids and cocaine.

Montgomery, Alabama Substance Abuse Trends
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Montgomery, Alabama Substance Abuse Trends

The Alabama Epidemiological Profile: Alcohol, Tobacco, Other Drugs Usage and Abuse 2020 places Montgomery County within Region 3 in the state for classification purposes. Residents in Region 3 reportedly had some of the lowest rates of alcohol misuse and dependency in the state while, combined with Region 2, adult residents had the highest percentage of misuse and dependency of illicit drugs in the past year. Residents in Region 3 reported the highest rates of needing but not receiving treatment for their past-year illicit drug use as well at 2.4 percent.

Resources for Substance Abuse Treatment in Alabama & Montgomery
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Resources for Substance Abuse Treatment in Alabama & Montgomery

In Alabama, mental health and drug and alcohol abuse and addiction treatment services are managed and overseen by the Single State Authority, the Alabama Department of Mental Health. Public treatment services (including Montgomery County drug addiction services) are provided in state-run facilities and contracted out to local community-based providers. ADMH distributes federal funding provided by the Substance Abuse Block Grant (SABG) for prevention, treatment, and substance abuse recovery support services in Alabama. The Division of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services within the ADMH ensures comprehensive and integrated treatment for mental illness, substance abuse, and co-occurring substance misuse and mental health disorders.

Addiction Treatment in Montgomery, Alabama
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Addiction Treatment in Montgomery, Alabama

At our Mississippi inpatient drug & alcohol rehab, we offer various levels of addiction treatment to help you get on the road to recovery – and stay there. Call us right now and speak with one of our rehab admissions navigators who can help answer any questions you have regarding our inpatient and outpatient treatment programs, rehab insurance coverage, and how to pay for addiction treatment. Do not wait any longer to reach out for the alcohol and drug addiction help you need.

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