Christian Alcohol & Drug Rehab Program

Spiritually guided, supportive addiction treatment
Our faith-based rehab and addiction treatment program in Mississippi is designed with Christianity in mind. Learn more or check your insurance benefits for coverage of addiction treatment services.
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Faith-Based Rehab Program

Religion is central to many people’s lives, but it may be missing from many addiction treatment programs. That is why our inpatient drug and alcohol rehab in Mississippi offers a religion-based addiction recovery program specific to the Christian community.

What Is Faith-Based Rehab?

Hands reaching out in prayer toward sun and clouds

Faith-based rehab is an addiction treatment program that incorporates Christian-based activities into the recovery model. For many people, recovery is a time during which faith can help them find healing.

Both research and the first-hand experience of individuals recovering from substance use disorders agree that faith is an integral part of the recovery process.

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.” (2 Corinthians 5:17)

How Does Christian Rehab Work?

Research studies show Christian rehab and other faith-based addiction treatment programs positively contribute to recovery from substance use disorder.1

By incorporating religion into psychological interventions and proven medications for addiction treatment, faith-based rehab programs can address additional issues that may lead to addiction.

During recovery, people often seek purpose, meaning, and forgiveness. Faith-based addiction recovery methods can align well with such goals.2

Communities of faith are known for providing help during challenging times. Christian drug and alcohol rehab provides a supportive community where people can share a belief system and work together toward positive change.1

Benefits of Christian Rehab

There are several benefits associated with Christian rehab programs for addiction treatment. Some of these benefits include the following:3

  • Lower likelihood of engaging in substance use
  • Better coping abilities
  • Improved resilience
  • Enhanced sense of optimism
  • Strong social support
  • Decreased anxiety

Christian Addiction Treatment in Mississippi

Group of people sitting and reading the bible

Oxford Treatment Center’s Christian Recovery track—New Creation—blends high quality medical care and evidence-based therapeutic interventions with a faith-based recovery model.

Our expert team has developed a faith-based addiction recovery curriculum that provides proven addiction treatment that is also consistent with Biblical principles.

What to Expect at Christian Rehab

The New Creation Christian Recovery track at Oxford emphasizes restoring or finding faith in Christ. Some of what participants can expect to receive from the program include the following:

  • Recovery Life Bible
  • Christian-based counseling
  • Church service every Sunday (on campus at Oxford and pastor led)
  • Discover or re-establish their relationship with God

About Our Mississippi Rehab Center

therapy building surrounded by green plants

Take a look at all that our Mississippi rehab center offers to help you reconnect or find your connection with Christ. Oxford Treatment Center’s inpatient campus is located in Etta, MS. Our serene campus provides a peaceful setting for your recovery.

Develop the skills you need for long-term recovery and connect with others who share your faith. In addition to traditional and holistic therapies, Oxford also has recreational activities and equine-assisted learning (EAL).

Beyond inpatient levels of addiction treatment, the Oxford outpatient center is located just 16 miles away and offers outpatient rehab in Mississippi.


Start Christian Rehab in Mississippi Today

If you or someone you love is ready for recovery, call now. Our compassionate admissions navigators can answer any questions you have about our Christian rehab program, walk you through the rehab admissions process, and tell you about the various rehab payment options.

Oxford Treatment Center is in-network with most major insurance providers. To check your rehab insurance coverage, simply complete our confidential online form.

Please reach out for help and start your recovery today.

Christian Rehab in Mississippi: New Creation

Oxford Treatment Center's Christian Recovery track recognizes faith is an integral part of the addiction recovery process.
  • Evidence-Based Treatment

    Our expert team employs proven addiction treatment therapies and customizes your treatment plan based on your recovery needs.

  • Emphasis on Restoring or Finding Faith in Christ

    High-quality medical care and evidence-based therapeutic interventions are enhanced with Christ-focused activities.

  • Christian-Based Counseling

    Receive Christian-based counseling, a Recovery Life Bible, on-campus church service every Sunday, and support to help you re-establish or discover your connection to God.

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