The Oxford Rehab Alumni Program

If you’ve completed treatment, congratulations! This is a major positive step towards long-term recovery. But your journey isn’t over, and you’ll still need support. An addiction recovery alumni program is a powerful way to bolster your recovery journey after you leave treatment. There are a number of benefits to engaging with an alumni program, from staying connected to your network of support and the recovery community to helping you stay motivated to stay on track.

The Oxford Alumni Program is a support network for people who have completed addiction treatment at our treatment center. The program staff know that the path to recovery is filled with ups and downs and strive to provide the support you need as you navigate this journey.

Community of Alumni Recovering Everywhere (CARE)

Individuals who attended an Oxford Treatment Center program are invited to join the American Addiction Center (AAC) Community of Alumni Recovering Everywhere (CARE) program. CARE is welcoming, supportive, and provides connection with other alumni. Members of CARE can find new friendships, nurture existing connections, share hope and recovery milestones, discuss life after rehab, and support each other through long-term recovery.

The CARE program is designed to foster personal growth and connection among Oxford and other AAC alumni. Its features include:

  • Alumni events.
  • Alumni meetings.
  • The AAC Alumni app, Connections.

Our Alumni App: Connections

AAC offers a free confidential app to help alumni across our facilities, including Oxford, to connect with other alumni, support each other’s accountability, and encourage continued growth. Other benefits of our app include:

  • Progress tracking. Stay on track toward your personal recovery goals.
  • In app journal. Make notes, jot down inspirational messages, or keep a gratitude list.
  • Wellness challenges. For an extra motivational boost you can participate in a range of challenges, each designed to keep you motivated and help you work toward your goals.
  • Recovery-related content. Get the latest recovery news, updates, and read stories from people in recovery.
  • Alumni community. Connect with other alumni in the AAC community to get and give support, celebrate milestones, and keep each other accountable.
  • Support from peer engagement specialists. Get an extra dose of support, tips for managing triggers and stressors and more from our specialists.

Oxford Alumni Meetings and 12-Step Programs

AAC hosts weekly virtual alumni meetings to help our members connect with and support each other throughout their journeys. These meetings are a safe space for alumni to share their experiences and challenges, receive support from others who understanding what they’re going through. They are also a great opportunity to learn from others’ experiences and gain new insights into recovery.

Weekly Virtual Meetings for all Alumni of AAC Programs

While Oxford doesn’t currently doesn’t host on-site or virtual alumni meetings, all AAC facilities’ alumni are encouraged to join our weekly Zoom meetings. The weekly Zoom meetings are a great opportunity for AAC alumni community to stay connected with each other and to support each other in their recovery journeys.

During the meetings, alumni can share their experiences, offer support, and learn from each other. The meetings are also a chance to socialize and build a strong support network.

On Site AA and NA Meetings

Each week, Oxford hosts Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings for our alumni. 12-Step programs offer continuing support to our alumni, and a framework to help support the foundation of recovery. Contact us for dates and times.
In addition to our alumni only meetings, our Never Alone Never Again group for Narcotics Anonymous is held Mondays and Wednesdays at 6 PM at our Oxford, MA outpatient campus. These meetings are open to the public and anyone is welcome to attend.

Oxford Alumni Events and Outings

Throughout the year Oxford hosts alumni events and outings. These are great opportunities for our alumni to enjoy sober fun, reconnect with friends and other alumni, and make some fun-filled memories. Some of our past events have included:

  • Bowling.
  • Attending sports events.
  • Holiday-themed events, such as Thanksgiving potlucks, going to the pumpkin patch, or haunted houses.

Check our events page or blog for the next Alumni event!

Hear from Oxford Treatment Center Alumni

How Alumni Programs Benefit You

Recovery from drug and alcohol use is a life-changing journey, one that may mean letting go of people and friendships that are not supportive of your recovery.

When you are in active addiction, some of your relationships may involve substance use. This can make it difficult to maintain these relationships once you are sober. Additionally, some people may not be understanding or supportive of your recovery journey. They may pressure you to use drugs or alcohol, or they may not believe that you can stay sober.

It is important to surround yourself with people who are supportive of your recovery. These people can offer you encouragement, understanding, and accountability. They can also help you avoid triggers and temptations.1

Research shows that a strong support system helps to reduce the risk of relapses all while help to sustain recovery efforts. At American Addiction Centers, we understand the importance of connection and community who you can relate to and can support you through the triumphs and challenges of recovery. Having a group of people in your corner that know exactly what you’re going through can make all the difference.1,2

We encourage you to join our alumni program and experience the benefits for yourself.

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