Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take insurance?

Yes, we accept many insurance policies, including Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi, Zelis Insurance, and ComPsych Corporation. Please contact us to confirm that your insurance is accepted. You may also verify your benefits here.

What is the intake process?

You’ll first meet with an admissions nurse who will sort through paperwork with you in order to verify your insurance and generate a medical and family history. Then, you’ll receive medical and psychiatric evaluations which will enable our staff to craft you a customized treatment plan.

Will I receive a psychiatric evaluation?

Yes, all Oxford patients receive an initial psychiatric evaluation during the intake process.

How long will I be in treatment?

This depends on how much progress you make during your treatment. Our staff generally recommends a 90-day stay; however, some patients may choose to stay only 30 days (the minimum length of stay in our residential program).

Is medication-assisted treatment (MAT) available?

Yes, we offer medication-assisted treatment on an as-needed basis for those patients who are deemed good candidates for MAT. We offer Vivitrol, naltrexone, and burprenorphine/naloxone.

Is my treatment completely confidential?

You should never have to worry about your privacy when you’re seeking the lifesaving treatment you need. You can trust that our team at Oxford takes your privacy very seriously. We comply with all HIPAA regulations and confidentiality policies.

Will you work with my employer?

Yes, we will work with your employer as required for insurance purposes.

Can my family visit me while in treatment? How often?

We encourage your family to be involved in your recovery. After an initial 72-hour blackout period, your family is invited to visit you from 1 PM to 4 PM every Sunday afternoon at the Oxford-Etta facility.

Can I smoke while in treatment?

Yes, you may smoke traditional cigarettes or e-cigarettes, as long as they are unopened when brought to the facility.

Can bring my cell phone and computer?

Yes, you may bring your cell phone, computers, tablets, and other small electronic devices to be used in accordance with Oxford’s mobile device policy. However, during detox use of computers is prohibited, and cellphone use is restricted. You will have supervised access to cellphone use each day from 4-6 PM for the duration of detox and for the first 72 hours of residential care. . This ensures mobile devices are not used in any way that would negatively affect your recovery or the privacy of patients.

Will I get to leave the facility periodically?

While most of your time in treatment will be at the facility, you may occasionally leave the grounds when participating in recreational therapies that involve hiking.

What happens when I leave Oxford?

Our discharge planners and alumni coordinators will prepare you with relevant materials for your next step into recovery. During your time at Oxford, you will have worked with your team to outline a plan for what to do when you leave the residential program. We can help you in coordinating some of those steps, such as entering an outpatient program. We can also help you travel. If you’re flying back from Memphis, our drivers will get you there.

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