Top 10 Reasons to Choose Oxford Treatment Center

Deciding to get help for substance abuse or addiction is one of the first stops in your recovery. The next phase—selecting a treatment facility for you or a loved one—can often seem like a daunting task. There are many out there to choose from: Which one is right for you or your friend or family member?

Oxford Treatment Center’s 2 locations in Mississippi just might be the perfect fit for your recovery needs. Read on to learn about the facility, and why we think it stands out from the rest in the addiction treatment space.

1. Range of Experiential Therapies

There’s a lot that goes into treating substance use disorders. And while some of it—like detox, for example—requires a direct medical approach, much of your time spent in treatment will be in therapy.

We utilize traditional styles of therapy like group and family therapy, but we are also interested in offering new and creative ways for our patients to reach recovery. That’s why you’ll find a wide selection of experimental therapy options at Oxford Treatment Center.

Our ropes course, as well as art, music, and yoga classes provide an alternate healing experience, while our popular equine therapy provides you the opportunity to connect and find healing through unique partners—horses. All the while our 12-step walk at Oxford provides a literal path for those in treatment to travel.

2. Serene Campus in the Heart of Mississippi

Aerial view of oxford treatment center looking at the lake and main lodgeRural Mississippi is a beautiful place, and Oxford Treatment Center definitely capitalizes on that beauty. Nature is the focus of this serene and remote retreat-style campus.

The Oxford Treatment Center Residential Campus in Etta is set on 110 acres of wooded, rolling hills, providing an ideal setting to begin recovery. A private lake hosts our main lodge on its banks, as well as medical services facilities, patient cabins, a fitness center, as well as our equestrian center for equine therapy.

The outpatient center in Oxford is just 16 miles from our main campus and includes separate areas for medical services, therapy, sober living, and community outreach. Many of our experimental therapies, like yoga, art, and music therapy, take place here.

3. Highly Qualified, Compassionate Staff

The beauty of our location is one thing, but it means nothing if the facility doesn’t have a great staff to support it. From housekeeping to leadership, our team at Oxford Treatment Center is committed to your or your loved one the moment they step into our facility.

Our clinical director, Dr. Jerry Avery, and COO, Mark Stovall, have a combined 40-plus years of experience with alcohol and drug treatment. Stephen Pannel, our on-site medical director and addiction specialist, is a board-certified psychiatrist, has been with Oxford since the beginning.

But the boots on the ground are our caring, experienced nurses. During medical detox, our nursing team provides 24/7 medical oversight to our clients to ensure safety during the entire process. This is just one example of their involvement in your recovery process.

4. Evidence-based Services

Oxford Treatment Center offers a superior therapeutic program, backed by scientific research and adhering to the strictest best practices in the field, providing a level of care found nowhere else.

Decades of research and data have guided our decisions and approaches to addiction treatment. When you come to our treatment facilities, know that our evidence based services are scientifically sound.

5. Customizable Patient Schedule

patients doing an activity on the 12 step walk at oxford treatment centerWhile there is structure to you or your loved one’s schedule during his or her time at Oxford Treatment Center, there’s also room for different therapies, learning opportunities, and events that speak to each attendee.

A good way to think of it is like a college campus schedule: There are some core classes with an opportunity for patients to choose which groups work for them. Expect a lot of variety, from young adult and faith-based groups to groups that focus specifically on alcohol, opioid, and stimulant disorders and the more traditional 12-step process.

We even offer an LGBTQ+ group focused on the recovery needs of this specific community.

6. Holistic Continuum of Care

A person’s treatment should be tailored to his or her specific recovery needs. A continuum of care—offering different levels of addiction treatment in one or more facilities—is often crucial to your or your loved one’s recovery journey.

Oxford Treatment Center is proud to offer a full continuum of care from medical detox and residential treatment through to a partial hospitalization program (PHP) and intensive outpatient treatment (IOP).

We also offer aftercare planning including sober living options and a slew of outpatient services.

7. Medical Detox

Medical detox can be a tough first hurdle to overcome when entering substance use treatment.

Through around-the-clock monitoring and support, the medical detox program at Oxford helps ensure patient safety and comfort during the process, while paving the way for more comprehensive rehab where patients can address the thoughts and behaviors that drive addiction.

Knowing you have great resources at your disposal can make this initial step a little easier.

8. Accredited Programs You Can Trust

We think our facilities, programs, and staff rank among the highest in our field. Our accreditations and memberships to independent organizations, however, prove it.

We have earned accreditations from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) as well as The Joint Commission. We’re also members of the National Association for Behavioral Healthcare and a licensed partner with the Mississippi State Department of Health.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has even awarded our parent company, American Addiction Centers, with an A+ rating.

9. Family Programming in Treatment

a father holding his daughter's hand during family therapy session at oxfordSupport outside of therapy is just as important as the treatment you or your loved one receive at Oxford Treatment Center. That’s why we put such a strong emphasis on family in the offerings at our facilities.

We bring your family into the treatment process by hosting a 2-day program every 2 weeks for family members to engage fully in the recovery process with education and support.

Our licensed marriage and family therapist engages with patients and their families, providing education on family systems and the overall impact of addiction on the family.

10. Alumni Program to Continue Recovery

You or your loved one will always be in recovery, even after you leave treatment. But knowing you still have the support and resources of Oxford even after you finish your substance use treatment might make stepping back into your daily routines a little less daunting.

Our alumni network connects you to other individuals in recovery, as well as provides you with a collection of support materials and a contact list to keep you in touch with our alumni staff.

There are also monthly alumni events at Resolutions Oxford as well as other events like alumni weekend and even softball games to keep you connected to those who helped you get to this point in your recover.

You Can Get Help Now

If you believe that Oxford Treatment Center has the tools necessary for your or your loved one’s recovery journey, now is the time to reach out to us. We would be happy to provide a more in-depth look at how our approaches, programs, and treatment can help lead to lasting recovery.

We wouldn’t be as effective — 63% of our patients maintain sobriety at the 12 month mark — without the active and ongoing participation in our treatment, recovery, and alumni community from you and former patients just like you. Everyone contributes their experience and sometimes our clients even go on to work at Oxford or in other jobs in the addiction treatment industry. We are advocates of those in addiction coming together as a community. You make that possible.

We believe in you, and we are here to help you and your family find new joy in recovery.

You can reach us at or check your coverage for treatment at an American Addiction Centers location. We promise to keep your information confidential.


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