Alcohol & Drug Rehab Facility Near Memphis, TN

Drug and alcohol misuse is a significant problem throughout the entire state of Tennessee, including the city of Memphis. In fact, the top three misused substances in Tennessee include opioids, alcohol, and marijuana, and research shows that 1 in 6 Tennesseans either misuse opioids or are in treatment for opioid addiction.1

Substance misuse and addiction can have significant negative consequences for individuals, as well as their families and communities. Not only do they face potential negative outcomes on a personal level, but their actions can also lead to an increase in health problems, crime, and economic costs in their area. To combat these issues, Southern addiction rehab can offer a wide range of treatment options, including detoxification programs, rehabilitation centers, and support groups that can help those in need of specialized care.

Addiction Treatment Near Memphis
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Addiction Treatment Near Memphis, TN

According to the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, treatment admissions for the entire state topped 18,865 in 2020 alone.2 This number highlights the significant need for effective treatment options in the Memphis area. Thankfully, Oxford Treatment continues to provide support to individuals looking to end their active addiction once and for all.

Located in Etta, Mississippi, Oxford Treatment Center is a premier facility that sits on over 100 acres right outside of Memphis. Here, we understand the unique challenges that those in and around Memphis face when it comes to drug or alcohol addiction, which is why our team of dedicated professionals is committed to providing caring, comprehensive treatment that meets the needs of our patients and their families.
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Memphis, TN Addiction Statistics
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Memphis, TN Substance Abuse Statistics

Drug and alcohol misuse is a serious problem in Memphis, as it is in many cities across the United States. According to a report by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Tennessee ranks among the top 10 states in the country for drug-related deaths, behind only Ohio, Delaware, Kentucky, and West Virginia.4 In 2020, there were 3,032 overdose deaths in Tennessee, with Shelby County accounting for 450 of those deaths.5

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