Oxford Treatment Resolutions Campus: Outpatient & Sober Living Facility

Located 16 miles from the residential campus at Etta, the Oxford Resolutions campus includes the Oxford Outpatient Center and adjacent sober living housing. Treatment continues at the PHP, IOP and outpatient services levels of care.

Location Overview

Our 12,000-square-foot outpatient center in Oxford, Mississippi, includes separate areas for medical services, therapy and community outreach. The medical wing is equipped with a nurses’ station and rooms for drug screenings, medication management and psychiatric care. Therapy suites provide space for one-on-one therapist visits and group therapy, including experiential sessions like stress management and mindfulness as well as art and music activities.

Resolutions Sober Living

It takes time to build a lasting recovery. Sober living is often the perfect place for individuals who are ready to live independently but still need a supportive sober community and a living space free from drugs and alcohol.

Your recovery journey doesn’t end on the last day of residential treatment. Many people need the extra support after treatment that a sober living has to offer. And sober living isn’t only for people leaving inpatient rehab. Anyone can take advantage of this resource; those completing a partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient program and those who are still continuing in outpatient treatment may find the support they need in our facility.

We accept all recovering individuals; we do not limit residents to alumni of Oxford treatment programs.

Oxford Outpatient

For some people, outpatient programs can launch a successful recovery without the need for residential treatment or as a stepdown from residential treatment. Our assessment team can recommend the most appropriate course of treatment based on the acuity of the addiction. Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) can be the right fit to begin recovery for people who:

  • Need to continue working or going to school
  • Have experienced effects of addiction in life, but are able to maintain a job and family relationships
  • Are prevented from entering residential treatment due to finances, insurance restrictions or other factors

Oxford Treatment Center’s Intensive Outpatient Program in Oxford provides: