Couples Rehab: How To Overcome Addiction Together

Finding a partner and falling in love is one of life’s significant milestones that many hope to reach. Relationships can be fulfilling but also come with a lot of work. This is especially true if both partners are struggling with addiction.

It’s important to recognize the substance abuse “red flags” in a relationship. This can happen when only one partner is misusing drugs or alcohol, or both partners, and may include:1

  • Drug use or drinking is the only thing the partner/s enjoy doing together.
  • Substance use leads to domestic violence on the part of one or both partners.
  • The partner/s need to be drunk or high to demonstrate affection or talk about the relationship.
  • The partner/s neglect common responsibilities, such as housework or childcare.

Substance misuse can make it difficult for couples to work out their existing relationship issues, as it often comes with arguments and emotional outbursts fueled by drugs or alcohol. Finding sobriety with your significant other can be the key to real and lasting change for both partners struggling with addiction.

Benefits of Couples Therapy

Having the opportunity to focus on your relationship with a clear mind, free from the influence of drugs or alcohol may be something you haven’t done before and can feel overwhelming at first. However, research supports the benefits of working with both members of a couple together during rehab. Behavioral couples therapy (BCT) teaches couples better ways to communicate and increases overall positivity.

Couples that have undergone BCT: 2

  • Say they were happier and healthier, had fewer cases of separation, and were at a lower risk of divorce than those who just did individual-based treatment.
  • Experienced a reduction in domestic violence after BCT for both alcohol misuse and drug misuse.
  • In some cases, incurred lower costs for treatment for substance misuse by attending rehab together.

One of the main goals of couples therapy in rehab is to help the couple develop a new relationship standard, including new ways of interacting and spending time together that support sobriety.

Couples Rehab in Mississippi

If you are looking to attend rehab with your partner, Oxford Treatment Center in Etta, Mississippi offers a specialized Married Couple’s Program.

During this inpatient drug rehab program, you can enjoy your meals together. However, aside from designated couples therapy, you will attend separate counseling sessions and activities during the day. This process is intended to help foster individual growth as well as deepen the connection and commitment to mutual recovery.

Oxford Treatment Center is situated on 110 acres in the Holly Springs National Forest. The tranquil environment is the perfect place to start your journey of healing together. Contact our rehab admissions navigators at to get started.





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