Oxford Opens Veterans-Only Dorm

Over the past year, there has been a rise in veterans seeking help for addiction at Oxford Treatment Center. To serve more veterans on their path toward recovery, the facility has expanded by opening a veterans-only dorm. Jarome Kirkland is the counselor who helps to oversee the program and has a personal connection to the needs of this unique population.

“When I was a senior in high school, I wanted to join the military, but was unable to, due to having had childhood cancer,” said Kirkland. “I was so disappointed. I came from a family with a very strong military background, and I felt it was my duty to serve my country.”

Kirkland says he still feels a duty to serve his country and helping those who placed their lives on the line for our freedom is his way of fulfilling that duty.

“I enjoy sitting with veterans through the healing process as they work through their trauma. There’s a personal sense of pride being able to give back in this manner, and it’s an honor for me to do it.”

Specialized Program For Veterans

Veterans, because of their experiences, may have additional needs to be assessed that are different from civilian patients. Dynamics such as military culture, trauma, and moral injury are all considered. These dynamics can also prove to be difficult barriers to penetrate.

The disconnection that many of the veterans feel was a significant factor in Oxford Treatment Center’s establishment of a veterans-only dorm. There is a stark difference in treating veterans and other non-military adults, and because of each population’s experiences, those differences can get in the way of treatment. With the veterans-only dorm, veteran patients are provided with a familiar sense of community with one another while still participating in clinical programming.

“The veterans-only dorm provides patients with a great sense of connectedness and camaraderie, and more are willing to engage in treatment for an extended length of time because of that fellowship,” said Kirkland. “Since having a separate space where each veteran can open up, be vulnerable amongst one another, and share aspects of their service that they don’t feel civilians would understand, their group process and their ability to share has improved a great deal.”

Financial Assistance Options for Veterans

Our Mississippi addiction treatment facility offers a program—Veterans program—that provides co-occurring disorder treatment specifically designed for vets and first responders living with PTSD, anxiety, depression, and substance misuse disorders.

Oxford Treatment Center in Mississippi is part of Veterans Affairs’ network of approved community care providers. This means that if you cannot find the drug or alcohol treatment you need within the VA, you may be able to choose Oxford for your care. Reach out to one of our Admissions Navigators to learn more.

Oxford’s inpatient rehab program in Mississippi offers many luxuries hosted on 110 scenic acres, like nutritionally balanced meals, a fitness center, and various indoor and outdoor recreational activities, which include the year-round equine program. Our outpatient program offers flexible scheduling, onsite meetings and classes, outdoor recreational activities, and a sober living residence.

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