Oxford outpatient hosts ribbon cutting

Employees at Oxford Treatment Center opening a new outpatient building at ribbon cutting ceremony Holding the ribbon are (from left) Mayor Robyn Tannehill; Oxford Treatment Center Co-Founder Dr. Tom Fowlkes; Outpatient Manager Barbara Cox, Co-Founder and CEO Billy Young; American Addiction Centers CEO Michael Cartwright; Medical Director Dr. Stephen Pannel; Psychiatrist Dr. Katherine Pannel; and Oxford-Lafayette County Chamber of Commerce Chair David Guyton.

Oxford Treatment Center’s new outpatient office

Opened on Aug. 10, with local officials gathering for a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The event was hosted by the Oxford-Lafayette County Chamber of Commerce.

The new facility houses outpatient addiction treatment programs — both for community members and for people transitioning from Oxford Treatment Center’s residential campus at Etta. People who have completed residential care can move into one of four Resolutions Oxford transitional homes adjacent to the new office while continuing in outpatient treatment for an average of 10 weeks.

“We know that what works is long-term care,” Michael Cartwright, CEO of American Addiction Centers (AAC), said at the event. “We’ve seen that while the success rate after 30 days is only about 20 percent, someone who spends at least 90 days in treatment has an 80 percent chance of still being clean and sober after a year. Length of care makes that big a difference.”

The outpatient office also offers a community Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in the evening, for those who can continue working while getting help for drug or alcohol problems. The process starts with a no-cost clinical assessment to determine what level of treatment is appropriate.

Support groups, recovery meetings and professional training events will also be offered at the new outpatient location. The office will be the north Mississippi training site for the Mississippi Addiction Counselor Training program; previously, counselors had to travel to Jackson to take part in the one-year certification program.

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