Family Programs expand in 2018

Resolutions program now offers family component

Oxford Treatment Center is expanding its programs for the families of those in early recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

The center’s new Intensive Family Therapy Program is now being offered one weekend a month at the Oxford Outpatient Office off Highway 7 South.

The program is for families whose loved one has reached at least 60 days of sobriety through Oxford Treatment Center. It is designed to give them the tools they will need to support their loved one’s continued recovery.

The program also provides an opportunity for families to confront the pain their loved one’s addiction has caused, with an emphasis on families’ own healing and self-care.

Dee Meux, ICADC

Dee Meux, ICADC

“Family members’ own recovery is important, too,” said Dee Meux, ICADC, Family Program Coordinator at Oxford Treatment Center.

“Loving someone who is in active addiction is one of the most painful experiences in the world,” she said. “Family members want to help their loved one, but instead they get drawn into the chaos.

“Learning to effectively set boundaries is critical. It protects the family, while also letting the addict know: ‘The game is over.’”

At Oxford Treatment Center, family members come to the Etta campus for a two-day family education program during their loved one’s stay in residential treatment. The program provides families with research-based training on the nature of addiction, its effects on the brain and body, and its impact on family systems.

The new Intensive Family Therapy Program is designed as a follow-up to the education program. Upon therapist recommendation, it is offered to the families of those who have transitioned from the residential campus to Oxford Treatment Center’s Resolutions program. At Resolutions, people live in supportive housing and begin regaining their independence while they continue in outpatient treatment.

Through the Intensive Family Therapy Program, clients and their families deal with past hurts as therapists guide and facilitate. They also communicate about how their interactions must change to support long-term recovery.

“Clients are more ready to have these conversations with their families once they have several weeks of clean time behind them,” Meux said. “Their minds more clear, and they’re better able to see the havoc their addiction has caused — instead of blaming other people. Hearing truth from their families at this stage can be a powerful motivator to continue in recovery.”


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