When Your Loved One Leaves Oxford

What Happens at Discharge?

family reunited after being discharged from oxford treatment center

The next step for your loved one will depend on where they are in their recovery journey. Many Oxford alumni move to our sober living facility, Resolutions Oxford, just a town away, where they can continue receiving treatment through our PHP or outpatient programs.

If your loved one decides their next stage in recovery is somewhere else, our discharge process will make sure they have the resources they need for success. We’ll work to connect them with local 12-step chapters or AA groups. Additionally, they will have the option of joining the Oxford alumni network , which will keep them in touch with facility staff and connect them to other alumni living in recovery from across the nation.

If your loved one is traveling home via air, we’ll make sure they get to the airport to make their flights.

How Can I Support My Loved One?

Supporting a loved one during the early stages of recovery can be an uncertain business. When your loved one comes home, you may feel nervous about broaching certain subjects. It’s important to maintain a healthy balance of empathy and boundaries.

On the one hand, you’ll want to be there for your loved one, whether in person at their recovery meetings, or in private, lending a nonjudgmental ear to their troubles. On the other, it’s important to take care of yourself as well.

Remember, you can be emotionally supportive to your loved one while also setting healthy boundaries and prioritizing your health and wellness. 

Discuss Relapse

It’s important to understand that relapse is not a failure but rather a recurring symptom of the chronic disease called addiction. Many people who find lasting recovery relapsed one or more times along the way. However, while relapses are common, there are ways to help reduce the risk.

First and foremost, during treatment at Oxford, your loved one will attend various relapse prevention classes and will learn to recognize triggers. Some of these topics, such as removing temptations from your home, are discussed in family programming.

When your loved one comes home, watch closely for signs of impending relapse and seek help if you notice your loved one’s resolve begins to deteriorate.

Stay Involved

Addiction takes its toll on everyone it touches, not just the addicted individual. Your involvement in therapy with your loved one will help to heal conflicts and address lingering issues that cause strain in your relationship and may contribute to relapse.

This involvement need not end when your loved one leaves treatment, either. Families are invited to attend alumni gatherings with their loved ones in order to be supportive.

How Can I Support Myself?

It’s tempting to want to try and fix your loved one’s problems, but, at the end of the day, recovery is something an individual must want to achieve and must take responsibility for.

The most important thing for a loved one of an individual struggling with addiction is to maintain your boundaries. You didn’t cause your loved one’s addiction, and you can’t control it either. But you can control how you care for yourself, and how you choose to support your loved one.

Finding meetings can be one of the best ways for you to establish those boundaries, learn to realize when you’re enabling vs. helping, and practice self-love and self-care, while also being a supportive force in your loved one’s recovery:

  • Al-Anon – A 12-step support group for people who worry about the drinking of someone they care about.
  • Nar-anon – A 12-step program for those whose lives have been affected by a loved one’s drug use.
  • Co-dependents Anonymous – A support group for those looking to gain healthy relationships free from codependence.


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