Addiction Treatment with the VA and American Addiction Centers

Just like among the civilian population, substance abuse and addiction are a health concerns among military service members and veterans. There are many resources available for military veterans through Veteran Affairs’ facilities, although not all VA hospitals and treatment centers offer exactly what a veteran may need.

In some instances, a VA treatment program may not have room at a facility to provide care for the number of veterans that need treatment. Thankfully, in situations like this, the VA often partners with addiction treatment facilities in the community to get veterans the help they need.

American Addiction Centers (AAC) has tremendous respect for our country’s service members. It is an honor to be a community care provider in the instances where the VA needs helps treating our veterans. Read on to learn about the services we offer, and how community care works.

Two AAC Facilities are Community Care Providers

Oxford Treatment Center is in the VA’s network of community care providers. Veterans can find addiction treatment through the Salute to Recovery programs offered here at Oxford Treatment Center and at several other American Addiction Centers facilities, including Desert Hope in Nevada and Recovery First in Florida.

What can you expect from our veteran addiction treatment programs? Understanding and compassion. Many staff members at both locations are veterans themselves, and some are also in recovery. This shared experience means our teams understand the specific challenges veterans may have in recovery.

As a veteran, you’ll go through treatment with your “battalion”—other veterans and first responders with similar life experience who can provide camaraderie and support throughout your recovery.

If you are a veteran and would like to explore substance abuse treatment options with an AAC facility, give us a call at . One of our compassionate and helpful Admissions Navigator will get you the information you need.

To learn more about the MISSION Act, which instituted the practice of using community care providers, check out our page.

Choosing American Addiction Centers for Treatment

AAC has facilities across the U.S.—from California to Florida—that are dedicated to helping individuals like you or your loved ones get and stay on a road to recovery. We offer evidence-based treatments and therapies, provided by quality, caring medical professionals and staff. Our goal is to focus treatment on what each person needs instead of providing blanket, one-size-fits-all options.

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