Drug and Alcohol Rehab Near Charlotte, NC

Charlotte is the most populous city in picturesque North Carolina, situated in Mecklenburg County. If you or a loved one is looking for an alcohol or drug rehab near Charlotte, NC, you have several options available.

This page will provide helpful information about the different types of addiction treatment available at drug and alcohol rehabs near Charlotte, how to choose a treatment center, and additional resources.

Addiction is a treatable disease and recovery is possible. Find a drug rehab center in the South.

Finding Addiction Treatment Near Charlotte, NC

Finding Addiction Treatment Near Charlotte, NC

For anyone suffering from a substance use disorder, treatment is available. Medical and clinical professionals trained in addiction treatment can help a person recover and get their life back.

Oxford Treatment Center is recognized for offering high-quality addiction treatment from a supportive and expert clinical team. Located on 110 acres of wooded, rolling hills, Oxford provides the ideal healing environment.
Are You Struggling With Addiction?

Are You Struggling With Addiction?

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Charlotte, NC, Alcohol & Drug Use Statistics

Charlotte, NC, Alcohol & Drug Use Statistics

Much like other communities across the country, Charlotte is facing an increase in drug use and overdose deaths.1

4,041 residents of North Carolina died of a drug overdose in 2021. Between 2018 and 2021, the overdose death rate increased from 22.2 to 38.5 deaths per every 100,000 residents.1

Of these state-wide fatalities, 237 overdose deaths were residents of Mecklenburg County.1
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