Why it’s Good to Combine Family with Treatment

There is nothing like family. A good one isn’t necessarily a perfect one, but will definitely be there in a heartbeat, nonetheless. A warm and understanding family will support an individual when they see that person needs help. An individual struggling with drugs and/or alcohol abuse is one such individual. Getting through obstacles, challenges, and temporary defeat can be overwhelming, and at minimum, discouraging. So, what can be done?

Oxford Treatment Center, an American Addiction Centers’ treatment facility, opens the door for family support to be part of the program. And when families work together, they can feel like a team in the fight against addiction. Oxford offers family therapy so that the entire family unit can get the help that they need and so that everyone has the opportunity to be able to properly heal.

Not only do individuals at Oxford Treatment Center have the ability to enjoy amenities like the private lake, a basketball court, a fitness center, and even a sand volleyball court, but they have access to equine therapy, music therapy, mindfulness, and yoga as part of their “user-experience” along their path to long-term sobriety.

And one of the greatest aspects of Oxford Treatment Center is the Sunday afternoon visitations. Between 1-4 p.m. each Sunday, significant others and family members are given permission to visit the patient after they have either been admitted for 72 hours or after they’ve completed detox. Find out from an admissions navigator ahead of time if these visitations are temporarily on hold or modified due to COVID restrictions.

Supportive family members and staff hold individuals accountable in a positive, non-judgmental way that helps the individual to reach the goal of long-term sobriety. This empowers individuals beyond any form of enabling could possibly do. Plus, it sets fair boundaries, which helps to empower family members who want to do their part to contribute to their loved ones’ success without jeopardizing their own convictions and space.

And with having the structure of the program and supportive family and staff, individuals have a fighting chance in their battle against drugs and/or alcohol abuse. Support, like any foundation, is what holds everything up. Without a solid foundation, even the strongest and heaviest of structures cannot survive.

Taking on the challenge of battling an addiction isn’t an easy task regardless of how strong an individual may feel they are mentally, emotionally, or even physically. It takes the support of a loving family with proper medical care and the willingness of the individual to follow through.

Support doesn’t have to end during treatment, and it shouldn’t. Continuing to get support and have a community to turn to is important. For example, having groups like alcoholics anonymous or narcotics anonymous allows those in recovery to maintain a sense of community. Both their shared goal of living a sober life and their common experiences with addiction help to build personal connections with one another. Oxford Treatment Center is a great place to take that first step towards sobriety.

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