New Oxford Outpatient Campus Under Construction

Oxford Treatment Center marks five-year anniversary

Celebrating its fifth anniversary in 2017, Oxford Treatment Center is preparing to open a new outpatient campus and to launch a new series of free workshops for the local community.

Its new 12,000-square-foot outpatient office off Highway 7 South in Oxford will open this spring, alongside four new adjacent sober living homes. There, people who have completed residential treatment for drug or alcohol addiction can practice a new sober lifestyle in a structured, supportive community. Accountability measures include therapist supervision, daily meetings and drug screenings.

Billy Young, CEO

Billy Young, CEO

“Having these new facilities will enhance the continuum-of-care we provide to those who come to us for help overcoming addiction,” said Billy Young, CEO. “There is no quick fix. Recovery is something you work for over time, day by day. But we can give people the best chance for long-term recovery by offering the right amount of structure and support through each phase of their early recovery. That’s what the continuum-of-care is all about.”

At Oxford Treatment Center, that continuum begins at a 110-acre campus in northeastern Lafayette County, where on-site medical detox and residential treatment programs are based. People can then transition into an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), which includes group meetings three times a week for an average of 10 weeks. Oxford Treatment Center offers IOP at outpatient offices in Oxford, Tupelo and Olive Branch.

Currently, the Oxford Outpatient Office is located at 1916 University Avenue. Oxford Treatment Center also maintains sober living homes at off-site locations in Lafayette County. The new outpatient campus will bring all of those pieces together in one setting, on Commerce Parkway off Highway 7 South.

Barbara Cox, MS, LSW, MAC

Barbara Cox, MS, LSW, MAC

“We’re looking forward to what this move will mean for our staff and for the recovery community,” said Barbara Cox, MS, LSW, MAC, interim manager of outpatient services. “This space will also give us new opportunities to engage the community in helping people understand addiction. It’s our goal to continue bringing the conversation out into the open, so that more and more people can get help and support — instead of suffering in silence and shame.”

Toward that end, Oxford Treatment Center is launching a new, free quarterly Community Workshop Series at all three of its outpatient office locations. The series will give the public direct access to clinical therapists who have years of experience treating addiction, including the opportunity to ask questions anonymously.

The first quarter Community Workshop Series on the topic of Addiction & Family Dynamics is set for upcoming Tuesday evenings: Feb. 28 (Oxford), March 7 (Tupelo) and March 21 (Olive Branch). For more information on upcoming events or outpatient treatment for substance abuse problems, contact our Community Relations team.

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