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What are the Short and Long-Term Side Effects of Ambien Abuse?

Belonging to a class of sedative-hypnotic drugs that are not benzodiazepines, but often termed non-benzodiazepine “z-drugs,” zolpidem is the active substance in Ambien, a popular sleep aid prescribed to treat…

Restoril vs Ambien: The Differences To Be Aware Of

Humans need three basic things to remain healthy and strong: a balanced diet, plenty of clean water, and sufficient sleep. For most people in industrialized nations, these first two needs…

Ambien Abuse: A Guide to Treatment and Recovery

Zolpidem – the generic name for the brand name drug Ambien – is used to treat insomnia. It is a sedative-hypnotic that slows brain activity and encourages sleep. While effective for short-term use,…