How Can Alternative Therapies Benefit Me?

Drugs and alcohol abuse can get ahold of lives, and destroy even the smallest glimmer of hope. This is why it’s helpful to have a supportive group of people around an individual struggling with substance or alcohol use disorders. They remind the individual about what’s possible and helpful to living a healthy and productive life. As effective as medical detox and traditional treatments are, alternative therapies may be the hope that serve to help some battling substance abuse.  

At Oxford Treatment Center, an American Addiction Centers facility, we provide holistic therapies alongside traditional treatment based on an individual’s unique needs.  

Oxford believes in treating the whole individual and has the licensed medical staff to carry out this recovery process. From substance abuseto familial challenges, to co-occurring mental health issues, we want to address every obstacle. Examples of co-occurring disorders include, but are not limited to, depression and anxiety. Depending on the individual, using alternative treatment options may support a holistic recovery. 

Twelve-step recovery groups and medication-assisted therapy are part of our offerings, but only a part. 

In addition to the group and individual therapy, Oxford offers cognitive behavioral therapy, recreational therapy, and even equine therapy. Although in the first part of the program, patients aren’t permitted to ride the horses, they do spend a good amount of time taking care of them. Trust-building and connection are part of the therapeutic process. Who could’ve imagined that taking care of an animal can help individuals in recovery? 

Oxford doesn’t just stop with having some individuals work with four-legged friends, which is one of the most popular forms of therapy we offer, but contingent on an individual’s time in treatment, yoga and mindfulness, art therapy, and music therapy are also provided. 

 Individuals work through past traumas with a licensed therapist through the use of music. Music offers a particular way to communicate with its listeners, which happens to help in recovery. 

With art therapy specialists, individuals work with molding clay, painting, and drawing. This allows patients to illustrate their feelings and to work through them on their road to achieving sobriety.  

With yoga and mindfulness, individuals have the opportunity to be an active participant in their recovery by centering themselves, learning ways to relax, and by refocusing. At Oxford, patients work with certified mindfulness and yoga instructors.  

There are a variety of methods and approaches to help those battling a substance use disorder or an alcohol use disorder. Substance abuse impacts individuals differently, and it’s within those differences that make the initial assessments prior to treatment so vital. Physicians tailor a unique treatment plan based on this information. This increases an individual’s likelihood for achieving long-term sobriety, and therefore a healthy and productive life. 

Whether patients use music, art, equine, or yoga and mindfulness as therapeutic forms to work through substance abuse or any possible co-occurring disorders, the goal is to seek some form of helpful treatment under supervised medical care (and certified instructors where applicable)And to make sure that patients find a facility where they feel safe in a supportive environment. 

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