Mississippi Hospitals Follow Suit on Opioids

Hospitals are feeling the pinch. They battle to save lives always, and especially now and in recent years to help victims of the opioid crisis. Staff members find themselves occupied to the hilt, as in stretched. The same applies to the costs of attending to those in need of these services.

Mississippi Hospitals Sue Big Pharma

Mississippi factors into this plight. The CEO of Singing River Health System in the state opened up to Kaiser Health News about the situation. He said: “The expense of treating overdose and opioid-addicted patients has skyrocketed, straining the resources of hospitals through our state.”Mississippi hospitals staff discuss suing big pharma

What is this Mississippi medical network and other health care centers doing? They are taking the lead from cities and counties across the country, which are  invoking the judicial system. Thousands of these jurisdictions have joined forces. Together, these localities are suing opioid makers and distributors in federal court.

Hospitals are working along the same lines. They are filing lawsuits on the state level. Unlike cities and counties, the medical facilities consider state-based court action as the most promising for them. Yet, similar to the other plaintiffs, hospitals seek substantial payouts.

Anatomy of Mississippi Hospital Action

Singing River Health System is but one in the state going this route. The civil lawsuit against retailers and distributors of opioids, filed in October, came about by the actions of a group of hospitals. How many? There are 20 Mississippi hospitals in all.

According to the PR Newswire release on the date of the action, “Mississippi hospitals have experienced significant financial and operational harm as they have fought and treated the complications of addiction on the front lines of the nation’s opioid epidemic. The Mississippi hospitals are among hundreds across the U.S. that have filed similar lawsuits.”

The hospitals are leveling a number of charges. They are claiming “negligence, fraud and civil conspiracy by the defendants.” Who are the defendants? The maker of OxyContin, Purdue Pharma, tops the list. The cast of supporting characters includes Teva Pharmaceuticals USA and Amerisource Bergen. In all, the suit names 30 more entities and individuals.

The suits filed by hospitals resemble the previous ones from jurisdictions. That is, they deem the practices of Purdue Pharma and others as unlawful. In their view, these businesses created false impressions about the safety of their products. They also used aggressive promotions to corner the market. Users became addicted on a widespread basis. Many overdosed and died. In many or most of these instances, hospitals rendered care with tremendous financial consequences. And the crisis continues to this day… and likely into the future.

Mississippi Opioids by the Numbers

Statistics from PR Newswire brought to light the extent of the opioid epidemic here. This news source reported that “more than 800 million pills were supplied to Mississippi from 2006 to 2012.” That’s not all. It went on to note that the state is “among the top five for per capital opioid distribution with more than 92.9 opioid prescriptions written for every 100 people in 2017.” That amount stands in sharp contrast to the national average of 58.7 per 100 people. In light of all of this, in 2017, the governor issued an executive order. It proclaimed an opioid epidemic emergency in the state.

The lawyer representing the hospitals in the lawsuit weighed in on the situation. “Hospitals can lead the way out of this public health crisis but only with additional resources.” He added: “Their damages are measurable and ongoing, so they must be active participants in any opioid settlement discussions.”oxford treatment center is a Mississippi local and trusted treatment source

Trusted Local Treatment Source

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