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Why Attend a First Responders Treatment Program in the Friendly South?

First Responders have a challenging job. Being everyday heroes to everyday people is nothing to take lightly. Couple this responsibility with battling an addiction to alcohol or to drugs, and that can be overwhelming for most individuals….

Yoga instructor Blends 12-Step Training with Personal Journey

Six years after losing her 23-year-old son to a drug overdose, Kent Magee has found a powerful way to help others build their recovery from addiction — one breath at…

Myth #10: The 12 Steps are Old-School and Don’t Work Today

“Hi, I’m Jim, and I’m an addict.” Even for those who’ve never set foot in a 12-step meeting, that introduction is a familiar refrain. But with so many modern approaches…

The 12-Step Program: What is It and Is it Right For Me?

The 12 Steps of the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) program are available on the official AA website. The written text is easy to read, but to truly understand each of the steps,…

In New 12-Step Walk, Landscaper Digs Deep for Meaning

Paths and patios reflect recovery’s journey, offer therapeutic tool From the early hours of morning, Bill Hewitt crouched down on his hands and knees, pulling jagged pieces from piles of…