Is Sober Living Right for Me?

Sobriety is a fresh start. An achievement to be proud of. Although it takes a commitment to stay in recovery, drug and alcohol temptations, or triggers, may easily be around an individual once they complete treatment and return home. Part of achieving long-term sobriety is working with a team of people to not only help them get there, but also having a supportive group of people who contribute to their success after treatment. 

Oxford Treatment Center, an American Addiction Centers facility, helps with aftercare planning during treatment, as well as provides sober living accommodations.  

Also known as Resolutions Oxford, our sober living facility allows individuals to live independently while simultaneously having access to a drug and alcohol free residence and a supportive sober community.   

And what’s amazing is that incoming individuals don’t have to be Oxford alumni; all recovering individuals are accepted. This also includes those who have completed a partial hospitalization program, inpatient rehabilitation treatment, or even an intensive outpatient program. 

Attempting to re-enter the world after treatment may feel challenging, overwhelming, and even a bit intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be. Individuals are looking at the world through a new set of lenses and wearing a new set of shoes to take their first step into the world of sobriety. Enjoy the view and enjoy the walk. 

Residing with others in recovery provides individuals a network of like minds who are on the same path that they’re traveling on. And although that road may be bumpy at times, they’re surrounded by supportive people who understand what they’re going through. This creates an atmosphere of camaraderie and a safe space to share their victories, challenges, and stories. Friendships are created. Bonds are made.  

Because relapsing is often part of the process of reaching long-term sobriety, in order to continuously achieve itit’s necessary to pull on additional support after an individual’s treatment program ends. Supportive people hold individuals accountable and gives them the opportunity to be empowered. Between structure and independence, the experience individuals havin sober living is more freedom than when in treatment and their scheduling is less intense, not to mention, they can participate in activities and attend meetings. 

Sober living at Resolutions Oxford offers a comfortable, healthy, and productive experience. In addition to a basketball court and a sand volleyball court, there are therapies provided as well.  

Holistic therapies include: 

  • Mindfulness. 
  • Music therapy. 
  • Art therapy. 
  • Yoga. 

Resolutions Oxford is another stepping stone to success for the newly sober individual. This helps the transition out of treatment and back into life with the rest of world that much easier. Let’s face it; the last memories on the “outside” consisted of dealing with life through the lens and experience of being intoxicated. Individuals now have to face life with a sober and clear mind, are trusted to make sound decisions, and understand that they will be held accountable for their actions. As empowering as this is, it can also be a little scary. But with the help of a supportive group of people, anything is possible. 

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