Oxford Treatment Center featured in ‘Good Health’

Oxford Treatment Center was the subject of a three-page profile in the October 2013 edition of Good Health, published by The Oxford EAGLE newspaper. News Editor Jonathan Scott gave an overview of Oxford Treatment Center’s creation and services, highlighting the 2013 expansion which doubled the center’s patient capacity.

In addition, Scott asked Oxford Treatment Center’s Chief Medical Officer, Tom Fowlkes, MD, to share with readers tips on knowing whether a loved one is in need of treatment for addiction.

“With prescription pills, often a person got a prescription initially for a legitimate medical reason, but is now abusing that medicine and has become addicted to it,” Fowlkes said. “Clues to watch for include running out of the prescription early, going to multiple clinics for the same medicine, trading or getting medicine from other people, apparently getting worse despite taking more of the medicine, and repeated instances of lost or stolen medicine.”

To view the story, click here.

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