Residential Treatment

This is where change begins.

After patients at Oxford Treatment Center have finished the first step of medical detoxification and stabilization, they transition into the residential treatment portion of our program. Separated from the substances that have controlled their lives in a sober environment and removed from the daily patterns that facilitated addiction, patients begin the hard, hopeful work of re-building their lives.

Your Experience in Treatment

Your time in the live-in portion of Oxford Treatment Center’s program provides a balance between self-focused therapies and those therapies designed to offer the encouraging perspective of being part of a group.

After you complete medical detoxification, you will begin a personalized daily schedule that is created by your treatment team. Each day, you will participate in four to six hours of individual and group therapy, as well as therapeutic recreation experiences. All of your meals will be provided on campus in the dining hall. In the evening hours, patients gather for AA/NA meetings.

You will stay in one of our residential cabins, situated by the lakeside or nestled in the woods. Each includes a common living area and laundry room. Each semi-private bedrooms has its own bathroom.

Among your fellow patients, you will engage in group therapy sessions and share your troubles and triumphs with one another. This phase of treatment enables our residents to gain a greater understanding of their addictions and the profound consequences these addictions have on themselves and others. You will begin to understand exactly what is required to achieve true recovery.

As your focus moves from a “me” to a “we” mentality, you will find relief from the isolation of addiction. The group gives support and strength to one another, moving forward together, along the path toward sober living. Meanwhile, your mind must make a deliberate shift from denial to acceptance, rebellion to compliance.

Your time in residential treatment will equip you to begin integrating new, positive principles of honesty, open-mindedness and willingness into daily life.


Your Privacy

Oxford Treatment Center adheres to federal laws that protect your rights and confidentiality as a patient. We will not release any information about your treatment without your specific, written consent.

Further, our campus policies are constructed in ways that protect patient privacy and confidentiality. Cell phones, smart phones and digital cameras are not allowed on our premises. Workers and visitors on our campus are required to sign a confidentiality statement that protects our patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I allowed to have visitors and receive phone calls while in treatment?

Yes, as long as your primary therapist and treatment team authorize those phone calls and visits as healthy and supportive of your treatment. Visitation is Sunday from 1-4 p.m., and patients are allowed phone time after dinner each day. Personal cell phones are prohibited on our campus, but once they receive phone privileges, patients enjoy free nationwide calling at the times provided.

Will I be allowed to leave the campus during my treatment?

Patients do participate in off-campus therapeutic recreational activities and experiential groups, as well as AA/NA meetings. You must first be medically cleared, and your treatment team must determine that it is clinically appropriate for you to participate in staff-supervised off-campus activities.

Will my family and/or significant others participate in my treatment?

Yes. Having your loved ones take part in your treatment is a key aspect of Oxford Treatment Center’s program. The two-day Family Program we provide for them offers education and counseling for the family.

I have significant medical problems. Will I receive adequate medical care while I am a patient at Oxford Treatment Center?

Yes. Oxford Treatment Center is licensed by the Mississippi Department of Mental Health, and is CARF accredited. We adhere to the highest standard of medical care.
Our staff on campus includes licensed nursing personnel on duty 24/7. We also maintain a transfer agreement with the regional medical center, to ensure that our patients have immediate access to additional medical care when needed.

Will I see a psychiatrist or psychologist while a patient at Oxford Treatment Center?

Yes, if clinically indicated and approved by the medical director. Oxford Treatment Center has a psychiatrist and psychiatric nurse practitioners on staff.

How often will I see a therapist?

    Twice a week, in most cases, or more if needed. Individualized treatment is the cornerstone of Oxford Treatment Center’s clinical program and the primary contributing factor to our successful treatment of patients. We maintain a high staff-to-patient ratio and embrace our goal of assisting you as you begin the journey to recovery.